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Let Us Help With Your Next Project

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    Are things getting crazy? Is quality beginning to suffer?

    Let us become a partner on the audio side of things. Mix, Sound Design, Custom Music. You name it, we'll get it handled.

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    Do you have a commercial, corporate video, or the like that needs more than what a stock track can provide?

    We'll create an audio bed that brings the stunning visuals you've created to life.

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    Do you need an audio house that isn't going to sound frustrated when you call at the last minute?

    We understand this industry well and we've structured our company to handle those last minute scenarios with ease.

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    Got a shoot coming up? Need an audio tech? One who understands that the boom dipping into the shot doesn't make for a cool outtakes reel?

    We've got a team of skilled engineers that have worked on everything from ESPN to run and gun style through the jungles of Columbia. (We may or may not have had the FARC on our tale...)

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    Did you forget to turn the lav mic on at the shoot? Or fail to notice the rattling of the bracelets your talent was wearing?

    Whatever the scenario was that created the "less than desirable" audio results you got, send us an email with the details. From hiss and click removal to peak reduction and ambience removal, we have the cutting edge tools needed to resurrect your audio.

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    Did you find a music track that you completely love? And, then find out that the artist wants $50,000 to use it in your edit?

    With our fully functional in-house studio, we've got everything needed to create a version of the track you love that won't cost you an arm and a leg.