Location Sound

That's a wrap!

As the craft service table is cleared and the grip truck heads back to the rental house, you remember why you love your job. You've just been to war. You battled over everything from the production timeline to the art department’s "accidental" spray paint fiasco. And, you did it with some of the most amazing, talented, team-oriented folks on the planet.

If this sounds like the environment you strive to create, we’re on the same page. As the audio department, we are just one cog in the wheel that makes the production happen. We know our role and location sound extremely well. Our clients include HGTV, ESPN, Food network just to name a few. When you hire us, you are getting more than an audio guy. You're getting a team player. Someone who knows their craft, has an amazing work ethic, and understands how our job affects all the other artists on set. From tricky overseas equipment scenarios, to extreme weather conditions, we've seen it all. We're ready for it. Let's talk.


location sound