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The Christmas Story Experience, Designed for Families

The single greatest story we could ever tell our children is the story of Jesus. His birth marked a new hope for humanity that shapes our lives and our eternity. Every Christmas, we remember the first coming of Jesus as we also look with hope to His second coming.

The Christmas Story experience is designed for your family to be immersed in the story of Jesus’ birth – right from your living room. As you read the story script curated from the 4 Gospel accounts in scripture, you will be accompanied by a beautiful musical score and visuals.

You may have already experienced The Christmas Story reading in your church, but get ready for a new experience as you read this to your family in your living room. This is a beautiful moment for your family to experience something miraculous, with you as parents in the driver’s seat! This is more than reading the story set to beautiful music – this is an opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit into your living room as you experience the very first Christmas together.

Our hope is that you experience the story of Jesus’ birth in a deeply personal and meaningful way and that this becomes a new tradition for your family!


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What's Included

  • Soundtrack & Visuals video with a beautiful, custom musical score
  • Script Cue Video
  • Experience Guide
  • Not included: Hot cocoa and cookies


This experience is designed to be a new tradition for your family on Christmas Eve, or whenever you gather together with family to celebrate. The Christmas story reading is just under 11 minutes long, with the whole experience lasting 15-30 minutes, depending on the length of your reflection time after you finish reading the story.

To begin, press play on the Soundtrack & Visuals video in the YouTube app of your smart TV device. Then once you hear the first chime in the soundtrack, press play on the Script Cue video on your separate mobile device. You are now synced up perfectly! There are arrows on the sides of the script video as it plays. Simply read the script as it directly passes the arrows on either side.

Our prep guide will help you feel confident with the logistics, and our experience guide will give you a roadmap for preparing your heart and setting the tone spiritually.

You will need 1) access to the YouTube app on either a smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV, and 2) a mobile device (phone, tablet, or laptop computer).

We have crafted an experience guide with some simple reflection questions (tailored for ages 4 and up) and suggestions for closing your time with intentional prayer. A soundtrack will continue to play on your TV after the story reading is over to continue to set the mood. 

Experience the Christmas Story with your family like never before!

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